“Tips for Electric and Battery Power Tools”

Recognise the wear

Most small power tools have two “brushes,” solid blocks of carbon graphite that conduct electricity to the motors spinning armature. Friction gradually wears these brushes away, if they are not replaced, the motor loses power and eventually quits. You can tell it’s time for new brushes when you see lots of small, harmless sparks inside the motor housing as the tool is running. With a workshop on our premises we carry out repairs and servicing on all tools including Bosch, Dewalt, Makita, Milwaukee, and Hitachi.



Check Power Cords Regularly

Look for wear and tear on the power cords of your tools. There can be damage to the insulation and you should keep an eye out for loose wires. This will ensure your electric tool can get the power that it needs to function without an accident. Wipe the cords regularly to keep them from becoming damaged from oil and grease.




Storing your tools…

Keep your electric and battery tools stored in their original boxes when  not being used. This will keep them free of dust and contamination whilst in your working environment and can help prolong their life. Servatool Gloucester are also able to supply you with original boxes for Jigsaws, Combination drills, Breakers, Circular Saws, Grinders and Sanders for all the major manufacturers.

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